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Scented Refresher Para Blocks (Blue Sky)
Scented Refresher Tabs: Dependable, safe and economical long term odour control for toilets. Chemitab toilet deodorant blocks (crystals) are made from 100% organic material and contain no soap or water soluble components. The crystals gradually evaporate, leaving no residue to contaminate the water. Para dichlorobenzene (PDCB) deodorant blocks are a non-regulated product for transport and storage. PDCB has a short half-life in the atmosphere and is considered readily biodegradable. Recent international studies of the effects of PDCB have concluded that it poses little threat to the environment or to human health when used as intended.


Product Code: Chem 02/4L
Weight: 4kg
Tablet Size: 100g - Also available in 25g
Approximate Number of Tablets: 40
Color: Blue Sky


Product Code: Chem 02/10L
Weight: 10 kg
Tablet Size: 100g
Approximate Number of Tablets: 100
Color: Blue Sky


Product Code: Chem 02/15L
Weight: 15 kg
Tablet Size: 100g
Approximate Number of Tablets: 150
Color: Blue Sky

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